1. Swimming uses lots of energy!
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  2. Great for all ages and abilities!
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  3. Sea Wolves Aquatic Pack
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  4. Lessons start at 6 months!
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  5. Learning all parts of swimming
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  6. Instructors are certified through Starfish Aquatics
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  7. With our stages approach, swimmers work on all levels.
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  8. Classes are small so that each child receives plenty of individual attention.
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About SWAP:
Our team was founded in 2013 as the first new USA team in decades! We believe that swimming is a great sport for all ages and abilities.  Every swimmer begins right where they are and works toward improving both in and out of the water.
All coaches and instructors are certified through USA Swimming and/or Starfish Aquatic Institute.  
Kathy Lupi, our head coach, has 14 years experience.  She is Level 3 ASCA certified and works continuously to utilize current and applicable concepts and techniques.
We added our swim lesson program in 2016 and are training new swimmers with age appropriate groups.  We believe in teachning correct technique right from the beginning!

We offer swim lessons for all ages and abilities - from 6 months through adults! Sessions are only $55 for 8 lessons.

Our swim team is great for swimmers of all abilities. Each swimmer can improve their skills and learn a lifelong sport.

Sea Wolves Aquatic Pack

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